Northwest Live Well at Home 

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Northwest Community Action, a nonprofit organization in your area, has been awarded a grant entitled "Live Well At Home".  Our grant focuses on giving the caregivers (spouses, family members, etc) in our community a much needed rest or respite.  These people  do their best to keep loved ones at home, giving them a  familiar caring  environment. The respite program is designed to serve those needing care from ages 55 and older.  

The dedication of a primary caregiver often times becomes stressful and exhausting.  This grant and our program has been dedicated to the building of a community network, that can deliver the much needed rest to the caregiver.  

We would ask that you would become mindful of the caregivers in your community who could benefit from this program.  We also would appreciate hearing from those of you who may have an interest in being a Rest Companion.

For further information, refer someone in need, or express a personal interest to participate in some capacity,  please feel free to contact us at 218.528.3258, or toll free at 800-568-5329.